Five interesting energy saving tips for your hotel

Hospitality goes green

You'll find plenty of generic energy saving tips for your home. Like the all-time favourite: turning off your lights. But there are plenty of other ways you can save energy. Here are five examples you may not have thought of.

Go Retro

We’re not going to tell you to replace all the fluorescent lights with traditional bulbs, but you could improve the atmosphere of the public areas by not blaring TVs to provide background noise. You’ll also save energy. Let in light instead of relying on interactive displays. You might be able to entertain kids in the lounge with a stack of books or activity tables instead of a video game console in the corner.

Adjust Your Schedule

There are several ways you can apply this advice and save energy. Try to schedule cooking for the cooler part of the evening or early morning to heat up your building, rather than pumping the air conditioner. You could also save on your energy bill by running energy intensive appliances late in the evening when the demand is lower. That’s a good reason to wash all the towels and blankets at 9 PM instead of 11 AM. Or heat up the hot water tanks overnight, when power is cheapest.

Invest in Maintenance

When you clean air filters in your clothes dryer, your furnace and your air conditioner, the motors inside of each appliance don't have to work as hard to draw in air. You'll save energy and reduce the risk of these items overheating and catching fire. It will also extend the life of the air conditioners, furnaces and other HVAC equipment. Cleaning ductwork will both improve air flow and reduce the noise generated by air movement.

Switch Energy Providers

You could also save energy by switching energy providers. Maybe you could save energy overall by switching from electric to gas heating for your home. Or you could sign up with a utility company that uses renewable energy. Another variation could be signing up with an energy provider that provides free energy audits, so you can fix the biggest energy drains in your home.

Bundle Up

Start putting on some extra layers. Not just on yourself, but on your home. Put up insulated drapes on your windows and put draft-stoppers under doors. Consider applying window film to windows to reduce energy loss until you can replace them with more energy efficient windows. Swap out paintings with hanging quilts or tapestries. Note that you still need to fix any leaks with weather stripping or caulk. Businesses will see even greater savings if they invest in improved insulation in the walls and roof. Don’t forget to insulate your hot water tanks and water pipes, as well. In fact, you should check for leaks in the water pipes, since that wastes both the water and the energy used to heat and transport it.

You can take rather novel steps today to start reducing your energy usage. Best of all, you can do this without replacing all of your appliances, adding a network of sensors to your home or spending a fortune.

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